The Pit Crew and the Young Professionals have stepped up as they transition to the leaders of Washington Elementary. “I am so proud of all of the fifth graders; many of the students have jobs in their classrooms and all of the 5th graders have been setting a great example for the entire school to see,” said 5th grade teacher, Ms. Jeanty. 

Already, the fifth graders are learning what it takes to be successful in 6th grade and beyond. “The first two weeks of school has just been marvelous for both classes,” said King Taylor of room 208.  ”For math we learned two lessons so far—learning to understand and solve problems. The other lesson we are learning is place values.”  WES is extremely excited to have such a great group of fifth graders! They are excited and ready to learn; we anticipate a great year.

                                                                                                              L. Weaver, Room 208

                                                                                                              Z. Jeanty, Room 207



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