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What is the MAP Test?

MAP stands for "Missouri Assessment Program." It is a series of assessments for Communication Arts, Mathematics and Science at grades 3-8; and Communication Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies in high school. These assessments are designed to see if students in Missouri are meeting the Show-Me Standards.

How can my child help herself/himself in preparing for tests?

You and your child’s teachers should encourage her/him to approach the test with a positive attitude and to keep the following tips in mind:

·        Carefully listen to or read directions. It’s okay to ask questions if you don’t understand the directions.

·        Read the entire question or problem before trying to answer. Be sure you understand the question, being careful to notice words like “not” or “never” or “all of the above.”

·        Take notice of special headings or pictures on the page. These may give clues to help answer the questions.

·        Go back and check answers if you have time. Even the best test-takers skip questions or make simple mistakes.

·        Although it may be tempting, never try to get answers from another student’s test. First of all, the test is created for you to show what YOU know. Second, the penalty for cheating can be severe. Finally, the other student’s answers may be incorrect.

·        Understand that some sections of a test will take longer than others. For example, when you have to read a story and answer questions, there is usually plenty of time allotted. It’s okay if you don’t remember all the answers; you can look back at the story and skim through it to find the answers you need.

·        Wear comfortable clothes.

·        Be prepared with extra pencils and erasers, just in case.

·        If you don’t know an answer to a question, skip it and come back to it later. Don’t want to spend too much time on questions you don’t know – you can always come back to those later.

·        Think positive thoughts!

 ***You can find more tips by doing an Internet search for “Test Taking Tips.” There are also many books available on test taking skills. Just remember, as your child’s primary caregiver, you can be a great help to her in preparing for tests.

***Just remember that communication and a positive attitude are important. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask school personnel.

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