Greetings WES Families!  We are off to a great school year.  At WES, we are striving for 98-100% daily student attendance.  It is important that students are at school, on time, everyday.  Parents/Guardians, WES staff is depending on you to help us meet this goal!

Also, we are a uniform district, and students are expected to be in full uniform every day.  WES continues to sale our polo shirts in blue or gold.  Remember, shirts are only $8.00, so stop by the office and purchase a few!

Lastly, families remember, students are not to be at school before 8:20 am.  There is no supervision of students prior to that time.  For your child’s safety, please adhere to this time.

(Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Program)

All Normandy School District schools have implemented the PBIS program.  The purpose of this program is to establish and maintain a safe and effective school environment that maximizes academic achievement and behavioral competences for all students.

Guiding Principles

Academic achievement and behavior competence are the results of school personnel and families working together to provide a continuum of support for all learners. A continuum of academic and behavioral support includes:

1.       School-wide interventions for all learners (Universal)

2.       Specialized interventions for learners who are at risk for academic or   social failure due to behavior challenges (Targeted)

3.       Individualized interventions for students with intense/chronic behavior challenges (Intensive)

WES Way Rules:  Be Safe; Be Responsible; Be Respectful



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